1     How can I use iWelcome

There are several use cases currently implemented in iWelcome.

1.1     Direct access to a (web)service

When accessing a web- or cloud service that has been configured use iWelcome for authentication, you will be redirected to iWelcome to log in. After successful log you are returned to the web- or cloud service and be able to use this service.

You can authenticated by entering a username and password, a one-time-password (OTP), automatically using Integrated Windows Authentication or a combination thereoff.

Which services and authentication methods are available via depends on company configuration.

1.2     Clicking on the service in the iWelcome portal

After logging in to the iWelcome portal you can click on an application in the My Apps tab to access the application. You are then automatically logged in to that application. Depending on configuration you may need to provide username and password again and/or enter a one-time password.

1.3     Self service my details and credentials

You can use iWelcome to reset the password of your corporate account using the password reset and/or password lost functionality.